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Making Room: History Maker Baseball Season Thoughts

One of the more interesting choices that comes up during a baseball season campaign, is when you need to decide to move on from under-performing members of your team. Over the course of 162 games, you need to get some level of production from everyone on the roster and at some point, a hard decision has to be made on those not living up to expectations.

Tonight on the AFR YouTube channel, I'll be broadcasting game #60 of the 2018 New England Minutemen campaign (using the 2018 Baseball America fictional set for History Maker Baseball) while my starting catcher has been doing great, the back-up catcher was basically a non-factor at the plate. Marty Marcinkowski, a journeyman catcher in his first year in New England, was batting .079 and was otherwise uninspiring in the field as well.

Each set of the Baseball America seasons comes with a group of players who are not assigned to one of the 12 teams. Some are first year rookies (or Prospect in HMB language) and I've used these players to represent possible call-ups from the minor league system. One such name who will now be getting a chance at the big leagues, is Darrin Room (shown above.)

To make room for Room, Marcinkowski was DFA'd (Designated For Assignment) and the team is now looking for a potential trade partner, otherwise he will become a free agent able to sign on with any team. Darrin Room made his Baseball America debut yesterday and recorded his first hit, going 1-4 in his team's 8-4 loss to Kitty Hawk.

Tonight, Room will once again get the chance to play and to also catch the hottest pitcher in the world, Fernando De La Rosa! Will a De La Rosa-Room battery be a fixture in New England for years to come? Tune in tonight to see how if this is beginning.

Show is going LIVE at 8:30pm EDT, 6/8/18

LIVE Link:

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