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Hitting the Links!

After a great weekend of gaming at the first ever PLAAY-DOT-CON, I was able to get reacquainted with History Maker Golf (among other great gaming moments!) After getting back home, I immediately went through a full tournament with the 2000's All-Stars set (that's included in the base game.)

And now comes the part that pertains to AFR; I'd like to do a LIVE video of a golf tournament but not sure what group of golfers to use. So, I'm turning to you, the readers of the blog for help. Let me know by leaving a comment, which of these sets you'd want to see a full tournament played out on the channel:

1) 1980 Pro Season...Lots of great names in golfing lore in this season set!

2) All-Time Great Golfers...Over 100 legendary names from the 1930's through the 1990's!

3) 2016-17 Pro Season...this is the most recent set available, stars and future stars that are on TV today!

4) 2017 Pro National Season....this is the fictional set of golfers for the game. We could make our own history with these fictional players!

Whatever set gets the most votes between now and July 27th, will be featured in a video sometime in August. So let your voice be heard as AFR gets ready to for a fun evening (or two) of History Maker Golf...FORE!

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