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Membership Has Its Privilages

Happy August Fellow Gamer!

YouTube has recently released two new features that allow viewers to easily help support the channels they enjoy. These features will help pay for the costs associated with running the channel, and also allow for additional ways I can connect with the community.

One is becoming a "Member" and allows you to set-up a recurring monthly payment. By going to the AFR page on the YouTube gaming site (Click HERE or click on the picture to visit the gaming site) and clicking on the green JOIN button, you'll get a prompt to take you through the steps of becoming a "Member" of the channel.

Becoming a Member will enable a special icon by your name in the chat window during LIVE videos, and also enable you access to Member's Only videos! More details on this will be on next week's Newsdesk, but I'm currently working on an idea for a once-a-month member's only video. This will allow me to really show my appreciation to those who are able to help. These videos might be special Q&A sessions, maybe a sneak peak at upcoming videos, or maybe a Ukulele concert!

Another way you can help out, in a non-recurring fashion, is to send a "Super Chat" during a LIVE show. In the chat window, there is a gray box with the dollar symbol; you simply click on that and a prompt will come up to guide you through how much you'd like to donate. This one time donation, while helping the channel out, also will allow your comment to be highlighted in the chat box, and the larger the amount, the longer that the comment will remain highlighted.

AFR will continue to put out news and play throughs that are free for all to see. I understand if people are not able to contribute to the channel and I never want my content to be behind a paywall. These options are ways for me to continue to build and grow the channel and provide more sports board game content. It's been a great year for AFR so far, and I'm hopeful that it's going to continue to get better and better.

Thank you for your support. Whether it's simply watching the shows, spreading the word, or making a contribution in the form of a monthly membership, a one-time Super Chat, or buying a game mat through Inked Gaming (remember to use coupon code TOWER10 on any purchase to get 10% off) the board gaming community is what has giving me the foundation to grow AFR!



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