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The Results Are In!

Wednesday Blogs


Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Blogs! Last week, I asked viewers to pick teams for an upcoming video featuring Breakaway Football...

And after a close round of voting we have our two teams selected. The team with the second most votes that will be controlled by the A.I. is the dreaded Boneyard!

This team will provide a big headache for my defensive calls because every offensive play comes from the same "Flexbone" formation, so I'll be guessing all day what they have up their sleeve. An while their option based offense is usually a run, they have the ability to change the type of run after the snap to open up lots of offensive breakaway opportunities, building "Momentum" that can add additional yards to their plays. We'll need to stuff their offense early so they don't get on a roll.

The winner of the poll and the team I'll be controlling is none other than Hydra! (In my head I say their name like a certain fictional evil organization from an 80's cartoon)

Having perhaps one of the most unique gameplay mechanics in Breakaway Football, at the beginning of the game, I have to select 7 offensive plays and then run them in the order I selected them (referred to as a "Scripted Drive" in the game.) If I score on my first offensive possession I'll unlock the ability to earn YAC (yards after catch) tokens on each offensive breakaway. Those tokens allow me to add 1 to any completed pass play.

The Boneyard are not know for their defense so hopefully I can find a weak spot early to really unlock my offensive abilities. Of course if we fall behind, Hydra also has a "Final Drive" mechanic that can be used at the end of each half to try to get a go-ahead score (and to also unlock the YAC tokens (if not already unlocked from the Scripted Drive.)

Thanks to everyone who voted and for reading the blog. Hopefully with this becoming a regular weekly feature, we can get even more reader polls going this year.


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