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Hope Always Springs Eternal on Your Tabletop

Wednesday Blogs


Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Blogs! This week, as the page is turned on the latest football season, I discuss turning to the only place that hope never truly dies...

Regardless of who your favorite team is, there comes a certain level of let down at the end of a season. That feeling of it being over and counting down until the next season starts. Of course, that feeling is somewhat placated when your team is hoisting a trophy and holding a parade, but even that feeling fades in time.

Thankfully, for those of us involved in sports tabletop games, our season never truly ends! Don't like how a game turned out, you can relive it and change history right in the comfort of your home. Want to see what would happen if your favorite player hadn't been traded or injured? Go for it and take your team to the title!

And with so many older seasons available, you can even recreate a favorite childhood memory, or hop in a time machine to witness an event from before your time. With the benefit of hindsight, I find it really enjoyable to play games from seasons past and get an appreciation for the history of a player or team; who knew tabletop games could be educational?

So whether you're still celebrating or if your team finished somewhere other than on top, take solace in knowing that on your tabletop, hope always springs eternal.


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