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Does the Offseason Exist on Your Tabletop?

Wednesday Blogs


Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Blogs! This week, I muse how there never seems to be a downtime for gaming...

The problem when baseball and football are your two biggest loves in sports, is that there exists this darn thing called an offseason. Though with Spring Training beginning, it takes a little sting out of the longing for the grand old game, for me baseball is summer and it's not baseball until it's summer! Yes, I live in New England and am currently freezing at my keyboard as I type this.

But as a tabletop gamer, I don't have to worry about this; in fact it's just the opposite! Tonight on my Wild Card Wednesday I'll be playing the second race of the fictional 2019 SCRAM season with just 30 more races to run! And then next week, the 2019 Baseball America set arrives and I'll begin my next Fernando Mania project, guiding my favorite fictional hurler through a season as he tries to win his first championship after falling short last season.

This on top of my rekindled love of miniatures and reaching a milestone of finally assembling all of my Shadows of Brimstone figures (after them sitting idly in a box on a shelf for a couple years) and the idea of downtime or an offseason is not on my radar.

And I wouldn't have it any other way! So whatever your hobby of choice is, game on and keep those dice rolling all year round!


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