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Tempted By the Fruit of Another

Wednesday Blogs


Welcome to a special Monday edition of the Wednesday Blogs! This week, I talk about playing different games that cover the same sport...

If you've been following AFR for the last calendar year, you know that I'm a big fan of Face to the Mat from and that I run a weekly show specifically devoted to the game. So, it might come as a surprise that I've found another fantastic wrestling game (and I've already done two shows with it...and planning more!)

MGD (Multiple Gaming Disorder) is something that many in the board game world wrestle against. I've been able to avoid this because usually when I find a game that covers a sport well, I don't feel the need to continue to play others. History Maker Baseball is the biggest example of this; it checks all the boxes for what I'm looking for in a baseball game and as such, I no longer actively play any other baseball games.

So I was happily going about my monogamous relationship with Face to the Mat when a friend brought Book It! to a gaming meetup. Bill (who also has introduced to the wonderful world of Flamme Rouge) opened up the box and at the first sight of a caricature of Cactus Jack/Mick Foley...I was hooked!

Be sure to check out the two videos I've done with the game; first with a Strong Style promotion and then with a Hardcore federation. The game is so much fun solo where you're competing, essentially, against yourself by trying to improve your high score. And the game also shines in a two player game where you try to out maneuver your opponent in booking venues and signing wrestlers to appear on your show. Can't wait for the upcoming expansion that'll add even more fun and chaos to the mix!

I guess, in the end, I've found that there's room on my gaming table to multiple games, even if they cover the same topic. While it helps if those games come at the genre from different angles, perhaps I'll need to keep an open mind to future games. I wouldn't want to miss out on the next Book It!



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