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Rooting For the Little Company

Wednesday Blogs


Welcome to a July 4th edition of the Wednesday Blogs! This week, I explain part of the reason I'm drawn to the some of the sports themed board games featured on my channel...

It's 4th of July week and that means plenty of flags, parades, BBQs and fireworks (where they're legal of course.) It's also a time to reflect on the notion of American Made and why it matters to many small companies.

While in today's Kickstarter funded, miniature heavy board game world and the notion of bigger is better prevails, there are many great companies that produce, print and ship their games all from the good old USA. So, your purchase is helping out that company, and it also might be helping a local print shop who's making the cards. Then another print store that's making the boxes is also being helped by your purchase. And, as a bonus, they don't have to come over on the literal slow boat from China before your game is shipped!

It's a matter of scaling for most companies. The large publishers don't have the production capacity here in the states to produce the quantities of games needed and still keep their profit margins high enough to pay their large staffs. But when a company is just one or two people, and they're selling 100's of games versus thousands, they have the ability to use local printing companies (or in some cases do the printing themselves) and then instead of a warehouse doing the shipping, they do it right from their home's the American dream!

I hope that you're able to enjoy your holiday week (or just enjoy a nice July week if you're outside the US) and bring out a few games on your table.


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