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Sports Board Gaming in 2020

Have we been ready for this all along?


It's been such a crazy year and there's no way I could encapsulate it in one blog post. One constant has been board gaming, and more specifically, sports board gaming. All the major releases that I would expect in a normal year came out, pretty on their normal schedule.

I've been able to see my Boston teams come out in all their glorious (or in the case of the Sox, not so glorious) card form. Kickstarter campaigns have launched expanding some of my favorite games and adding others to my table.

Even conventions found a way to run, 2020 style of course. So instead of leaving on a jet plane, I went to my computer and logged into Zoom. Was it the same? Not at all, but I was still able to "see" old friends and get some great gaming moments on our (virtual) tabletop.

While I had hoped that by this time in the year, we'd be closer to getting back to normal rather than further away from it than at any point this year, I've taken solace in my board games and am optimistic that 2021 will be a great year.

Stay safe, wear a mask and keep gaming!


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