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Just Like Starting Over

Wednesday Blogs


Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Blogs! This week, I explore the thrill (and sometimes lamentations) of starting a new season project on your tabletop...

Compared to many friends I've made in the tabletop sports board game world, I'm a relative newcomer to the scene. So while I don't have nearly the length and breadth of experience, I feel that I share a common bond with everyone who has picked up dice and pencil; starting a new season!

Sometimes, this can be a game in and of itself. Are you doing a full season replay (someday....someday), or just a single team season? Maybe quick play half the season or maybe start in the playoffs? What about having a fantasy type draft and see how players would do with different teams and different team mates? Or what if you take your favorite player from yester-year and see how he would do in the modern game?


You can see how just deciding what your project is going to entail might just be the reason your project never gets going in the first place. But what can be done?

What I've found is that you need to really look at what it is about a game that makes you happiest? Then focus on that and get it on your table! Just like one team, then just play out their schedule. Just one like pitcher? Then replay their starts! Look at that you've just went from over 1,000 games to finish a season to around 30.

Of course, someday, way in the future, I'll tackle the dream of doing a full 162 game season with all teams. I'll keep intricate stats and imagine fictional voters for the All-Star Game and for the MVP race. But for now, I'm happy with just seeing a small slice of that world.

Stay tuned soon to the channel for the 2019 Baseball America campaign that will feature starts from my favorite fictional player, Fernando De La Rosa as he tries to guide the Minutemen back to the championship after falling short last season.

And good luck to everyone who as winter gives way to spring, begins the process of setting up their next project!


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