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A Rose by Any Other Name...

Wednesday Blogs


Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Blogs! This week, I explore the fact that there's other board games out there that don't have a sports theme...

My earliest memory of playing a board game was a Smurfs game, that actually had some cool moving pieces under the board (I think you had to collect berries to bring back to your village.) I was hooked at an early age and the lure of finding the next exciting board game fix was embedded deep in my psyche.

Fast forward a few years and I had some brief (but oh so expensive) bouts of playing CCGs (Collectable Card Games) and then diving down the rabbit hole of miniature games. Heck, I even worked at a Games Workshop in Phoenix for a time!

But eventually I lost interest and the search began again. This changed when I accidentally (thanks random Google search!) discovered Replay Baseball. I got my first season set and just couldn't put the game down. I then bought Second Season (which at the time was being published by Replay Games) and now had two games that I just couldn't get off my table. Then PLAAY took back up the reigns of publishing Second Season and that lead me to being on the frontlines for all their releases in the past decade.

I have the luxury of having a man-cave (AKA unfinished basement) so I usually have one or two games left set up that I can sit down and roll out at any moment. I've gone through several season plays and other various projects. So, I have my gaming fix set for the rest of my gaming life (and then some!)

But recently I've started to venture back into other games. Thanks to the magic (or wallet hell depending on your point of view) of Kickstarter, I now have a table full of assembled miniatures just waiting for me to put on my adventuring hat, battle unspeakable evil and save the world!

Sure, I'll never put down sports games, but once in awhile, you need to cleanse the pallet and rekindle an old childhood exuberance for a tabletop adventure. And is there anything sweeter than the smell of a freshly punched out game? Would a rose by any other name be as sweet?


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