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"Other" Sports on Your Tabletop

Wednesday Blogs


Welcome to another edition of the Wednesday Blogs! This week, I recount the joy of playing (and thoroughly enjoying) from one of the lesser know sports...

OK, slight hiccup last week and missed a blog post. But this week, I'm back and reinvigorated having discovered a great game! I was able to meetup with a fellow gamer (also a fellow sports vlogger Bill AKA JonnyVolume) and one of the many highlights was both of us getting to play a game of Flamme Rouge.

After getting in a couple of games of our favorite baseball game (History Maker Baseball) Bill tore open a new purchase, Flamme Rouge, and we dove into the game after a brief reading of the rules. I had seen some previous coverage of this game and was intrigued, but never enough to get it onto my table, and man I wish I hadn't waited! We had a blast!

The game had great production value and really very minimal rules to remember. By about the third turn, we were able to just focus on strategy and from set-up to finish, we had a great 45 minute experience. Certainly something I'm going to look into adding to my collection and I can't wait for my rematch against Bill!

This got me thinking that there's several games out there that cover "other" sports, meaning (for Americans at least) something other than baseball, football (American) and/or basketball/hockey (depending on where you live.) Just this past week, another sports vlogger, Peter Miller, put up a video on a 9 Ball board game called The Hustlers and PLAAY designer Keith Avallone put up a video on the PLAAY YouTube channel featuring their Lacrosse Blast game.

So, if there's a sport that interests you, there's a good chance that someone has made a board game version of it. I know that I can sometimes get caught up in my own bubble of games, so it's good to go outside your comfort zone and play a new game.

Until next time, see you on the track, pitch or field!


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